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Kudampuli (Pot tamarind) or Garcinia gummi-gutta is a fruit native to Indonesia. It is a yellowish green fruit that looks similar to a pumpkin, is also known by a variety of other names such as Malabar tamarind. The tiny fruit is a powerhouse of antioxidants to treat ailments such as rheumatism, colic disorders, weight loss and piles. When the rinds are dried and cured for preparation for storage and extraction, they are dark brown or black in colour.

Kudampuli is widely used in cooking, including preparation of curries and the fruit rinds are used in many traditional recipes. It is also a powerful anti-spasmodic, preventing spasms in intestines. This is also good for inflammatory bowel diseases. In Indian traditional medicine, various species of this plant were prescribed for edema, delayed menstruation, constipation  and intestinal parasites.

Garcinia and its active ingredient, HCA (hydroxy citric acid) have been extensively studied for over thirty years and found to be effective in inhibiting lipogenesis, suppressing appetite and encouraging weight loss in animals.

There are various products available for obesity and fat control they are generally stimulants which have a side effect on the central nervous system. HCA, on the other hand, works via a peripheral mechanism to promote weight loss and assist the body’s natural cycle in the liver and elsewhere, thereby influencing the metabolism of calories.

So, Garcinia decreases the rate of dietary carbohydrate conversion to fat and cholesterol, while increasing glycogen production. It suppresses appetite thus reducing food consumption. It also potentially increases caloric burning thereby elevating the body’s production of heat.

Benefits of Namma Veedu Brindle Berry:

  • It promotes digestion and cures various colic disorders
  • Used for treating stomach ulcers and a very good antiseptic
  • It reduces cholesterol levels and for management of diabetes
  • It protects the liver against harmful toxins
  • Regulates bowel movements and a decoction (kashaya) made out of it is used for treating arthritis and uterine diseases.

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